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"The workshop was very enjoyable. Alex is friendly , approachable and professional. He explains every posture he is going to try out in steps and makes sure you're enjoying along the way. To finalize you end up with an awesome head massage. Don't miss him out. Many thanks. Manuela"

Manuela Santos González


The massage session with Alex are a way for me to improve my whole wellness. 
I love how the energy flows, the precious minutes of being present in that specific moment, consciously aware of the different parts of my body and their interconnection. 
I finally feel more connected with the space around, bringing awareness into details: brighter colours, sharper shapes and more vivid background sounds. 
Finding peace in the moment, my mind free from racing thoughts.

Gulia Nasini


Pressure was really nice and the stretches. Parts of my body, especially my back, were activated and it gave me a really good feeling. I was very relaxed all the time. It was better than I expected it and the head massage was relaxing too. Now I feel more 'alert' and calm at the same time.

Donna Campbell


After a log trip, Alex helped me relax and enjoy my vacation more. It also helped me understand the importance of stretching. I definitely recommend it.

Peter Kanellos

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